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Family Wealth Advisory

Managing family wealth often involves complex circumstances surrounding tax, legal and investment planning which can span across multiple generations.  We work closely with clients and their other advisors to design a logical approach to manage, preserve and transition family wealth for future generations. Our guidance to assist you includes:

Coordinate Advisors: Work in collaboration with your tax and legal professionals to ensure that customized planning and succession strategies are implemented efficiently.

Advise Trustees:  The purpose of a trust is to provide asset protection, to control distributions and to maintain privacy.  Trusts are also effective structures for tax and estate planning. Assets held in trust must be managed by the trustees in accordance with the governing documents.

Investment Portfolio Design: The investment portfolio is customized in accordance with the values and goals established by the investor. We objectively seek “best in class” managers and investment opportunities, utilize both active and passive management approaches, and custom design fixed income allocations to meet your needs.

Generational Education:  It is important to educate and prepare future generations for the responsibilities associated with managing family wealth. This process is different for every family and most effective when customized to the circumstances and the personalities of those involved.

Lending:  Proper use of lending facilities can provide important liquidity to investors, while helping them avoid the sale of appreciated assets and the resulting capital gain consequences. 

Concentrated Stock:  Many families have created significant wealth by building a successful business resulting in a large concentration in one company stock. This poses a dilemma of how to prudently manage the single stock position within the context of one’s overall investment portfolio. This issue can be complicated further if the underlying securities are “control” or “restricted” shares. Having a clear understanding of the regulator requirements when buying, selling or gifting is essential in managing these positions.

Donor Advised Funds: Donor Advised Funds offer a unique opportunity for families to achieve their philanthropic goals. They are simple to establish, flexible, and have tax-saving capabilities proven to be an excellent tool in estate planning. Similar to private foundations, a family retains control of the investments as well as grant making to manage your charitable giving.

Reporting: We provide fully customized reporting solutions, which allow you to easily monitor the value, structure and performance of your investment portfolio.

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