Having a formalized investment process is a critical element in the construction of a coherent strategy to seek long term success of your financial goals and to pursue the prudent management of your investment portfolio.  For our clients we offer the following:

Define Objectives

Identifying our clients’ objectives is central to developing sound investment strategies that meet their needs. We use quantitative and qualitative assessments to help formulate strategies that take into account a client’s risk tolerance and seek to provide consistent after-tax returns over time.

Strategic Investment Strategy

We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate asset allocation to achieve their investment objectives. Asset allocation requires an understanding of client specific issues and consideration of the economic and market environment. Most importantly, our disciplined approach reflects a longer-term investment focus that seeks to achieve consistent, risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Analysis & Selection

We adhere to a “best in class” philosophy, evaluating a global landscape of information and investment opportunities. In constructing portfolios we perform due diligence on a variety of offerings such as direct investments, individual securities, professional money managers, index funds, and alternative investments. Our analysis yields a customized portfolio tailored to a client’s stated objectives.

Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing

Since the financial markets and client objectives change, it is important to monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis. Specific investments classes perform at different rates within a diverse portfolio and fluctuation can change how your assets are allocated. Rebalancing is the process of adjusting your portfolio to desired asset allocation targets to ensure that your investment disciplines remain in place.

Customized Reporting

At Harbor we pride ourselves on the highest level of client communication and service. We meet with clients regularly for portfolio reviews and are continually in touch with their tax, legal and other advisors. Our portfolio reporting systems provide powerful tools to present reports that meet client’s specific informational needs in addition to being user-friendly and easy to understand.